it's because you're looking for something different and exciting for the little ones!

Congratulations, you have found "Chispar". And here at "Chispar", creativity is at its best, and that can be seen throughout our services and products. Can you imagine your garden transformed into a mini-amusement park combined with many new play areas, and room to fit the whole class? Or, even more refreshing, can you imagine having a waterpark in your own backyard?? Now with Chispar, you can do that and more!

The Difference

What distinguishes Chispar from any other avarage kid's leisure company.

Chispar came about with the intention to renovate the kid's leisure market, using only the newest and safest products on the market.

At Chispar, we love to be original, and our favourite word here is "Surprise"!

We seek not only to entertain the little ones, but also those who keep watch: dads (daddies), mums (mummies), and the general public, which transforms the activity into an attraction itself.

Objective Quality

We only chose the best, newest and safest products and equipment on the market.

Our goal is to provide the best quality, which is why we prefer to spend than save money in terms of quaity/quantity.

Your child's party should be taken seriously, as for them it's the most important thing.

This way you can guarantee the success of your party without sparing costs, because your little ones deserve the best, specially if it's for occasional celebrations.

In all of our events there's an entertainer, who makes the most out of each and every activity, taking lead at all time and making sure that the music never stops.

They keep the party going, and at the same time guarantees a constant supervision.

Also, thanks to how we organise our parties, we make sure that a lot can participate, as our motto is "Nobody goes without playing".

Count on Chispar!!



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